Taikonaut, Tenyson, Hot teeth + The Day Of Locusts - Bridgehouse 2 - Nov 25th

TAIKONAUT are an exciting 4 piece heavy art rock band from south london, Formed by driven pro musicians bored of the shiny production of the pop and rock scene. Taikonaut play skilled, raw, thinking man's rock music. Taikonaut are the definition of the DIY outfit, writing, producing, mastering and distributing all their own material, with emphasis on songwriting and artistic freedom. Hooks, Riffs, groves that move you and the occasional musical outburst typify this new band of experienced hands. https://www.facebook.com/Taikonautmusic/ TENYSON: "South London trio show off their grungey, rock-metal chops" Time Out "Tenyson’s music is hard to categorise: it’s alternative and experimental and it veers from muscular to delicate. Inspiration for the songs comes from life experience and the world at large." The Croydon Citizen. https://www.facebook.com/Tenysonmusic/ HOT TEETH: Bobby J created Hot Teeth as a way to finally set free the weirdly dark and loping funk which has haunted his every waking moment since picking up the guitar age 11. After experimenting with what feels like a hundred different Hot Teeth line-ups since 2013, the Teeth has finally been stripped right back to it's bare rattling bones. https://www.facebook.com/hotteeth/ THE DAY OF LOCUSTS Crowbar and PinkFloyd fighting in quicksand. www.facebook.com/pg/THEDAYOFLOCUSTSBAND

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