Enter the Dojo! Prepare your best crouching tiger pose and Kung fu moves for this epic night of live rock to get your hearts racing! An awesome line up of heavy riffs, alternative, stoner and bluesy vibes! Jackknife Seizure www.facebook.com/jackknifeseizure "Imagine Soundgarden downing too many red bulls and unleashing a prog manifesto of twisting guitars and throbbing bass..." (Alan Hicks,MetalMouth.net) Dogtown Dojo www.facebook.com/Dogtowndojo A sweet mix of stoner rock vibes and California spirit straight from the heart of Croydon, wax your surfboards, grip your decks and rev your engines for an explosive act that is sure to get you moving! Tenyson https://www.facebook.com/Tenysonmusic 'South London trio show off their grungy, rock-metal chops' Time Out Gramma Vedetta www.facebook.com/grammavedetta An awesome fusion of blues and heavy rock riffs melted together to create some pumping steady tunes, a 3 piece that really fills the room! Hosted by Just William https://soundcloud.com/justwilliamontheweb A pirate gypsy who is sure to entertain with weird stories of life on the road and equally amusing songs, a unique performer who will be sure to get you hyped for the night!

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