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"Tenyson’s music is hard to categorise: it’s alternative and experimental and it veers from muscular to delicate. Inspiration for the songs comes from life experience and the world at large."

The Croydon Citizen
“Tenyson’s tight musicianship was a proper treat from a band only drafted in to play the night before. Don’t be surprised if you come away wanting more.”
Loudersound - Classic Rock
"Tenyson are a London based three-piece who play what could loosely be described as ‘alternative hard rock/grunge’, with a sound that is a cross between a progressive Foo Fighters and a ballsy Feeder. Built around the not inconsiderable talents of vocalist and guitarist Rob Jupp, the band feature the classic power-trio aesthetic of guitar, bass, drums and vocals delivered with maximum power and minimal fuss."
Uber Rock
"From the start of Long Regrets which is carried by its catchy bass line through to Nunchuck which has a fast 
paced start the likes of which you'd adore back in the 90's, crossed with the excellent vocals this four song EP is brilliant"
Stencil Magazine